Trace® Disclosing Tablets

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Trace® Disclosing Tablets help reveal plaque left behind on teeth with a temporary red dye that washes away easily. Perfect for in office disclosing or at home use. Box includes 250 individually wrapped cherry flavored tablets.

Unit Dose, Tablet Form, 250/bx

Do Trace Disclosing Tablets differentiate between old and new plaque? No. Trace disclosing tablets will stain all plaque red, regardless of how long it has been on teeth. At what age can children begin using Trace Disclosing Tablets? We recommend children are at least 5-6 years old and that tablets are used with adult supervision. How do I use disclosing tablets? Brush and floss teeth as usual. Chew 1 tablet and wipe tongue across teeth to distribute saliva on all tooth surfaces. Rinse mouth and expectorate. Plaque will be stained red. Brush and floss teeth until all stain is removed.