DH Nyclave® Sterilization Tubing w/indicator

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DH Nyclave® Sterilization Tubing is clear, strong and puncture resistant. Clinicians can trust the strong, durable seal that is formed when used in conjunction with Young Nyclave Heat Sealers. Designed for use with dry heat and chemical vapor sterilizers. Available in 4 widths that can be cut to fit any instrument length. Pre-printed sterilization cycle indicators included.

Is Nyclave® Sterilization Tubing reusable? No, this is a single-use, disposable product. Dispose of properly after single use. Can DH Nyclave® with Indicator be used with steam autoclave? No. DH Nyclave® and DH Nyclave® with Indicator are for use with dry heat or chemical vapor sterilizers only.