D-Lish® Fluoride Varnish

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D-Lish Varnish offers the sensitivity relief and protection clinicians want in four delicious flavors patients of all ages will enjoy! D-Lish Varnish is gluten-free and comes in four tasty flavors sweetened with xylitol: Vanilla Cupcake™, Green Apple, Spearmint Surprise™ and Fresh Melon™.

Made with the highest varnish fluoride concentration available, D-Lish Varnish comes pre-mixed in single-dose packages that are uniquely shaped for easy opening and handling. Each package contains a colorful UltraBrush 2.0 applicator that’s designed for smooth, precise spreading on tooth surfaces.

5% Sodium Fluoride Ion Gluten-Free Pre-Mixed Made with Xylitol

How long should varnish be left on teeth? At least 4 hours. Can patients eat and drink after application? Patients should avoid hard food, alcohol, brushing or flossing for at least 4 hours after application. Patients can consume hot and cold liquids and eat soft foods immediately after treatment.